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We offer bespoke workshops to primary and secondary schools as well as universities, youth clubs, theatre groups and drama societies.

Our workshops are tailored to the needs of the participants and can be designed to complement or build on an existing curriculum or just to the interests of the group. Our workshops usually focus on devising methods, physical theatre and ensemble theatre making. We can also offer workshops that explore the themes of our productions to accompany a theatre visit. We can work with a small group, an entire year group, or even a whole school. Our workshops are designed after careful consideration of the aims and needs of the group.


Get in touch if you'd like to discuss a possible workshop in more detail.



Butterflies Resource Pack


We are delighted to bring you the NEW resource we have designed to accompany our production for children 'Butterflies', a Tangled Feet and Half Moon Theatre co-production.


This resource pack has been designed for children to use independently or with an adult and to work through as they wish.


Click here for the Butterflies Resource Pack


You can now view the production on our YouTube page:








Made in collaboration with West Sussex Council this pack is designed to increase understanding of young carers and inform the development of support networks across the school community with staff and pupils. Activities encourage each school to find their own solutions to supporting young carers – what works best in their school for their pupils.


This resource includes:


Information about young carers, how to identify them and provide support in school.


Guidance notes on how to use this learning resource with the film.


Ideas for awareness raising activities to do with staff in 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.


Activity/Lesson plans with relevant resources for use with staff and pupils, and links to further sources of information.


Each activity/lesson plan includes a list of materials you will need in addition to the materials provided in this resource. This may include a whiteboard, flipchart stand/paper/pens, iPads, pens and paper for participants to use


The film will require relevant equipment to show in assembly and in the classroom.


The materials are designed to be flexible so you can adapt them to your needs.


Downloadable Pack at bottom of page

Video links:


What it's like having us in your school

“Tangled Feet’s energy, dedication and ideas have allowed our students to experience something very special, from the audience members who were tents and huge ‘flocks’ of people gliding across the playground to the Year 12s and 13s who got to perform alongside professionals. We have all gained so much”- Zoe Shepherd, Head of Drama, Beaumont School -
“What I found very effective about the way the company worked was their inclusive approach and their expectations of the students to work as professional alongside the practitioners. The practitioners were unique in their individual approach to different groups of students and being involved in the collaborative process which resulted in stimulating and imaginative work.”- Sophie Leader, Head of Drama, Wren Academy -



Apr 13th 2020

Co-Directors Residency in Iceland cut short by Covid-19: Finding new ways to work

On March 8th Tangled Feet Co-Directors Kat and Nathan flew to Iceland to take up a two week residency at the University of the Arts Reykjavik. At that stage, 1 month a go, there were 100 cases of Coronavirus in the UK, a rumour spreading that Italy would lock the northern region and a real sense of not knowing what we would return to.   There was a heightened tension at the airport – our first experience of gloved and distanced customer service teams, quiet security screening and much hand washing. We flew on a beautifully clear day, and as the icy vistas came into view from the aeroplane window for the first time we felt a huge sense of awe. The idea of polar icecaps (and their melting) is often very abstract, but this whole landscape of ice stretching in every direction suddenly made the world feel both smaller and more epic


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